Create, customize and share catalogs with your customers

Your business network becomes more agile with plus: the customer can browse catalogs and easily finalize the sales orders. Advertise the new collections, show products’ availability in real time, manage shipping costs with customizable algorithms. Catalogs can be set up both in B2B or B2C systems.


Check the progress of sales orders and manage deadlines

A smart order book with the possibility to manage and share information with customers about orders and their status, shipping dates, deadlines and payment status. Updates on the purchase are forwarded to the customer through a customized alert system.


A single storage for official documents

Upload invoices and other official documents (Shipping Documents, Customs Documents, Packing List, ...) in dropdeep and share them in an organised way with your customers.


The management of websites according to dropdeep

An engine of Content Management System (CMS) for the creation and customization of websites and internet pages. Broadcast enables your customers to manage a website and to upload images and texts. All this is available on the dropdeep account.


A direct channel with the dropdeep network

A user-friendly application that allows users to upload news and events on corporate websites. You can activate the Network function for your customers and they can upload events from the reserved area and advertise them through dropdeep.


Connect your information systems to dropdeep

The system integration tools are designed to fit with your business information systems. Connect your ERP to dropdeep or use the tools developed for the back office in the following areas: invoicing, logistics and Warehouse Management.