Poets 2015 
The first collection of Poets, that was born out of the collaboration between Massimo Lunardon and a group of international designers who are characterised by their original approaches to creativity. Massimo is a artist and master glass craftsman reknowned for his capacity of blowing and forging improbable shapes of aerial and luminous glass. The collaboration generated a collection of impalpable works, connoted  by coloured borders, sharp cuts, precious fabrics, subtle textures, works that are like lines from a poem.
The extraordinary quality of the works was not given by their shapes but rather by the gestures of the designers that almost looked intentionally produced to sabotage the perfection of the craft that is so typical of Massimo Lunardon makes. From the (intentional) imperfection springs out the poetry that unlike the fluidity of the prose, reveals sudden breaks so perfect to embody sharp and cutting meanings. The accurately planned disharmonies of the works result in original virtuosity and inaugurate a new chapter in the history of hand blown glass. The 2015 collection is made by the same designers Andrea Anastasio, Sam Baron, Forma Fantasma, Martino Gamper e Marti Guixe, and accentuate the disharmony that characterised the first collection, by introducing a new material in combination with glass: the graphite. This low-density metallic material, opaque and frail almost made to anchor the lightness of the blown glass back to the earth through a fossilized material that covers them by its grey dust. The works of the 2014 collection are affected by the graphite which is used in a different fashion, from the structural to the functional dimension, to the point that they radically change and become new hybrid objects in a state of equilibrium between immateriality and solidity. 
In the 2015 collection we see the entry of two new designers: Alessandra Baldereschi and Elena Salmistraro, two very different creative languages yet sharing an affinity with a narrational approach. 
Elena has conceived a series of heraldic characters in their decorated costumes that look almost on the verge of beginning a chess game. Alessandra got inspired by classic novels and she has envisioned polychromatic little birds transporting a luminous veil, while flying over a wood, to make a bundle for an imagined passerby. Both the designers reveal an unusual capacity to utilise the handblown glass as a glossary for a poetical discourse and they add the collection a fairy-tale rhythm. 
Cristina Morozzi, 2015
Here's a new project from the irrepressible Massimo Lunardon, pure, dynamic and luminous master craftsman and entrepreneur. Today, he's gathering five true friends, and he starts with them an adventure in the form of a collection of artist actions. Thus, a series of table glassware which succeed in their first purpose, and yet are full of poetry: subtle, immediate and refined in Andrea Anastasio, elegant, cheerful and rational in Sam Baron, meaningful, hybrid and sophisticated in Studio Formafantasma, free, innate and moderate in Martino Gamper, smart, surprising and diabolic in Martì Guixè. 
Beppe Finessi